Firefighters Are First Responders

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Thomasville firefighters are now ready to lend a helping hand to Emergency Medical Services. The fire department is now equipped and ready to take better care of Rose City residents.

Firefighter Mark Nelms said, "It's a good program we've got going; we're able to help EMS get on scene and give them an extra set of hands."

For more than a year, the fire department has been working to get certified by the state of Georgia to treat medical emergencies, saying they have all the resources, they just need to put them to use.

Captain Tim Connell said, "It's a big deal for the fire department, we're getting to help the public, it's a good service, doesn't cost them anything, we have paramedics, we have EMTs, we're willing to help out."

Right now all the firefighters trained as paramedics and EMTs are reviewing their medical training. With equipment such as backboards, the Thomasville firefighters are ready to help out wherever and whenever they're needed.

Fire officials say us the medical equipment is loaded in the fire trucks and ready for use. The fire department says they will be ready to answer medical emergency calls by next week.