Gadsden County Begins Search for Talented Students

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While many middle and high school students have their sights set on college, many do not.

Gadsden County School Superintendent Reginald James says he wants as many of his students to attend college as possible. He hopes a new partnership with Tallahassee Community College will make that happen.

"Many of them come from homes where they haven't had anyone from their family to attend college, so this grant is designed to help those particular persons to be inspired to go on and be the first in their family to attend college," said James.

TCC has received $880,000 to identify youth in Gadsden County with academic talent. The money will create a new talent search program, where 600 Gadsden County students will be monitored and given the assistance they need to make college a reality.

"By monitoring the students’ attendance, grades and the activities they are involved in at school and out of school, it helps them stay focused on the goal," said Sharon Jefferson, TCC vice president for student affairs.

TCC officials say the program will benefit students, as well as their parents.

“We will have the opportunity to share with parents what is required to go to college, help them to help their young people get ready by taking tough courses and finding various support systems like financial aid," added Jefferson.

A full-time program director and executive board will be assigned to the program, which will be funded through the next four years. The program gets underway in October.