Coach Charged With Battery of Player

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Kevin Beasley is a sophomore at Carrabelle High School. He has played football since the peewee days. However, last week, during a drill known as "Bull in the Ring" some players say Beasley took a beating from Assistant Coach Rod Kilbourn.

Several players, including Representative Will Kendrick's son, John Kendrick report they had to pull Coach Kilbourn off of Beasley.

"This man just drove off to Wakulla where he lived and he works and he has two kids of his own. How could he leave my son on the field not knowing or not calling to find out," asked Kevin's Mother Peggy Beasley.

Kilbourn's brother George is the head football coach. He and the Carrabelle High Principal Richard Key took immediate action the next day.

"I spoke to the head football coach and spoke to the football team and gathered from them, [we] conducted an investigation; the outcome of that investigation was the coach was dismissed," said Key.

A judge has just issued a notice for Rod Kilbourn to appear in court. Kilbourn is a man who many residents call an outstanding member of the community.

Meanwhile, Kevin remains on the football team playing both offense and defense. His mother says he understands football practice can get rough, and he's just hoping to get back on the field as fast as he can.

Coach George Kilbourn remains head coach of the Panthers.