Put a Stop to Spam Mail

A new study says your child could be a target for advertisers, with a penchant for pornography. The study conducted by an Internet security company shows that children's e-mail accounts are swamped with spam mail and pop up adds, and you won't believe how many of them are pornographic.

In the study, almost 80 percent of kids reported receiving the annoying spam e-mails or pop up messages on a daily basis. The problem is, more than half of those kids reported the messages make them feel uncomfortable, offended and sometimes, curious.

It's estimated that kids will spend two more hours per day on the Internet during their summer break. Experts say, even though this could be a problem for children, kids aren't to blame.

"Generally, kids get a lot of spam, just like anyone else. I think parents need to be aware that it's possible, and ways to deal with it."

Computer experts say that blocking e-mail accounts and computers won't stop the spam.

"Spammers are constantly finding a way around blocked accounts," says William Walker, Networxs’ Chief Tech Officer.

But there are some other ways to defeat the spammers. Communicate with your kids; let them know what's inappropriate. Teach them to never give out their personal Information. This could make them targets to more than just spam, like child predators. Check email lists with your kids.

Computer experts say that the free email accounts like yahoo, and hotmail are going to have the highest volume when it comes to spam. The paid for accounts like AOL typically have less, but none are spam free.