FAMU DRS Reunion

It's no secret it has been a tough year for FAMU's Developmental Research School, from FCAT violations to the firing of principals to a sex scandal, but this weekend could help turn things around for the struggling school.

FAMU athletic director, Bobby Lee, graduated from FAMU High in the mid 1950s. Lee's reminiscing will be enhanced this weekend as K-12 school holds its first ever reunion. Alumni from the school's 84-year history are invited.

Preserved at FAMU's black archives are treasures from the past. Pictures and yearbooks look familiar. FAMU College of Education dean, John Middleton, overseas FAMU’s Delevopmental Research School. As a former baby rattler, he says reunion coordinators hope to regenerate the pride and support the school use to have.

“The grads are deeply concerned about the image that's being portrayed, we want to bring it back the glory FAMU high had at one time,” says John Middleton, Dean of FAMU College of Education.

The reunion weekend kicks off Friday, July 4. Registration and a reception begin at 6 p.m. at the Radisson Hotel.