Emergency Rooms Gearing Up for Holiday Fireworks Injuries

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About 8,000 people were injured and four were killed from fireworks during the 4th of July period last year.

It's probably going to be a sad scene at some of the Florida's hospital emergency rooms.

Pediatric nurses at Baptist Hospital in suburban Miami say children are brought there every year with fireworks injuries.

Pediatrics nurse Donna Stevens says she has seen children who have lost fingers and been badly burned.

She says it's a sad scene for the parents, too, who are crying and feeling guilty about their children never having the chance to play sports or learn to play the piano.

She says some kids come in with their faces disfigured from fireworks burns.

Pediatrics nurse Rachel Chandler at Baptist says too often fireworks go off close to kids who end up with foreign bodies stuck in their eyes. She says it happens to kids as young as five.