"Hands Across the Border"

Sherry Case makes frequent trips between Tallahassee and Thomasville. Case isn't traveling this Labor Day, but says she finds reassurance knowing officers are out in full force for the holiday weekend.

"I have a teenager and I like the fact that people are out there watching for speeding and that kind of thing. It makes me feel a little safer."

Officers from Florida and Georgia are joining forces to take part in the annual "Hands Across the Border."

Throughout the Labor Day weekend several different agencies will beef up their patrols to help insure motorists’ safety.

DEP Ricardo Bowdry with the Grady County Sheriff's Office said, "It's good to have us step it up a little bit and try and get people to do the right things while they're on the roads during the holiday time."

Ricky Rich with Georgia Highway Safety added, "The only way we can be effective in saving lives is if we do partner together and band together to strictly enforce the laws."

Along with sobriety and seat belt checks, officers are finding other means to educate drivers. One tool used is a truck that simulates what could happen in a rollover accident. Officers aren't looking to scare motorists; they just want to make drivers more aware before getting behind the wheel this holiday weekend.

This marks the fifteenth year that Florida and Georgia Law Enforcement Agencies will take part in "Hands Across the Border."