Candidates Vow to CLEAN Wakulla Springs

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Different races, different parties, but with one similar purpose; a group of local candidates is pledging to clean up Wakulla Springs.

The candidates say current leaders are not doing enough to protect the water and air, which is why the candidates are forming a group called CCLEAN, which stands for City, County, Legislative and Environmental Network.

Wakulla Springs visitors say they welcome any effort to protect Mother Nature.

The Kidby family from the United Kingdom is vacationing in northwest Florida. Johnathan Kidby said, "I like going in with my goggles swimming in the water.”

In just one week, his family has visited Wakulla Springs twice.

"It's a natural wonder. I think it should be cherished," said Johnathan’s father, Pete.

Many others also enjoying it are from as far away as Germany.

"I like it, it's awesome. It's like being in a jungle kind of. I've never seen anything like it," said Johanna Weinschenk.

The non-incumbent candidates running for various city and county seats want visitors to enjoy Wakulla Springs for years to come, which is why they are gathering together, vowing to clean up this natural gem, by educating the public about the spray field, septic tanks and wastewater treatment.

"In some respects I think it's a good idea, in other respects I'm not sure it's a wise use of our tax dollars," said David Furniss.

Originally from Tallahassee, Kara Laufer evacuated from Naples because of Ernesto.

She says her family welcomes any effort to clean up the springs. "I think anything we can do to help preserve nature and this beautiful area deserves to be preserved for future generations like Madeleine," pointing to her little girl.

The group hopes to get state funding for new technology to keep the water and air clean.

Some commissioners are angry the group is criticizing them, saying they are neglecting the springs.

The city and county both say they're spending millions to clean up the water and improve septic tanks.

To some however, it appears to be a political ploy to get voters' attention in this election year.