Early Voting: Boom or Bust?

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Since early voting began Leon County's downtown courthouse has been the stage to a steady stream of voters using their lunch break to fulfill their civic duty.

Jody Fitzgerald said, "It's a little quiet, a little less hectic in there today, but busy. I'm surprised. A nice steady stream, don't you think?"

Some residents said they want to get this out of the way before the holiday weekend.

Virginia Grigg said, "Well, I'm going to Dog Island and I don't want to miss this vote."

There may not be the huge crowd in a presidential election, but the elections supervisor says it's a good one.

Ion Sancho said nearly 2,000 voters have cast ballots so far. He also says that Leon County is the number one "urban" county for voter turnout in Florida.

In three out of the last four elections, Leon was the top urban voting county in the state of Florida.

Virginia Grigg said, "I've never missed a vote since 1954,"

Sancho says although Leon boasts the largest urban voter turnout, rural counties put out a higher percentage of voters.

Early voting ends Saturday at 5 p.m.