Food Giveaway

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Anna Maxwell says it's all she can do to put food on her family's table every day, but thanks to the Southwest Georgia Community Action Council, she says they'll be eating well for a while.

Anna is not the only one being helped by this, all seniors and low income families in Thomas County are welcome to stock up on the USDA food surplus, and many took advantage, bringing their own boxes and bags to hold up to 40 pounds of goods.

"They're really grateful for the food because everything's going up but their checks aren't," says Peggy Ward, event organizer.

"You can't say you're hungry, because they see you don't have to be."

"Right now you're looking at what used to hold thousands of boxes and cans of nonperishables which will be used to feed hundreds of people throughout Thomas
County, and all the food is going fast."

"We hope all the food goes before we leave this afternoon."

Just in time for these families' dinner plates. All in all, about 350 showed up. It was a little slow this morning when we were there, but not too many people wanted to miss out on the free food!