Laptops in Gadsden County

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The district acquired a $900,000-plus grant to purchase computers, ensuring all students get on the information superhighway before they graduate from school.

Backpacks and folders are common accessories for students on school campuses, but this year computers have been added to the list.

The Gadsden County School Board purchased some 600 Apple computers to help kids become more technologically advanced, and so far students are clicking their way to a bright future.

Eighth grade student Hector Degollado said, “I'm so excited we hadn't had computers at this school and I'm happy these teachers gave us these computers it means a lot."

For some students, the new laptops will be the perfect tool to help them succeed academically.

Miriam Pride added, "Do my work when we have research and stuff to do; it well help me a lot."

School officials are hoping the computers will provide the perfect tools to help them improve school grades.

Dr. Bridges said, "We're trying to bridge the gap between all of our children because we have, we had so many failing schools in Gadsden, so we're hoping to make those middle ‘A’ schools next year."

Administrators are hoping these kids will be able to compete with others in computer related-fields when they graduate from college.

For now, the students will be using the computers at the school and should be taking them home sometime in January. Tallahassee Community College partnered with the district to help teachers integrate technology in the classrooms.