Volunteer Mentors Assist Students

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Volunteer mentors spend one hour a week with students, helping them focus on their work and giving some students the special attention that's needed in the classroom.

"We have seen great success. Children with mentors come to school more often, they don't stay home, they come to school. And that's the most important thing, we can't teach them if they’re not here, so having more mentors is really essential to the school system," said Betsy McCauley, Leon County District Specialist.

"A mentor can often times reach out and touch someone in terms of helping them set goals, and in terms of talking to someone that's not a parent, but that's an adult figure, someone that can give advice or be a shoulder to cry on," said Lynda Roser, a mentor coordinator.

The mentor program has been helping students in Leon County for 20 years. Beginning with only eight mentors, that number has grown to more then 1,300.