Holiday Gas Costs

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Even with some Thomasville gas stations selling regular gas for $2.55 per gallon, some people are finding cheaper ways to travel, such as one woman who spends just under seven dollars filling up her motorcycle.

Thomasville resident Linda Ansley said, "I will go on the motorcycle, I ride it back and forth to work, because gas prices are so high. Plus, I like to ride."

Websites tracking gas prices show even though prices are high, they are falling. Just one month ago the national average was at $2.98. A week ago the average dropped more than 10 cents, and now the national average stands at $2.77 for regular unleaded gas, but this trend doesn't impress everyone getting ready to travel.

Thomasville resident Thomas Baldwin says, "It has come down in the past couple of weeks, but not enough. I'm not going anywhere this weekend, I'm going to maybe go camping, that's about it.”

Other travelers say gas prices will not stop them from going out of town.

Thomasville resident Paul Champion said, "I can afford it, price goes up, it goes down, it doesn't matter where it is."

Most motorists say they do plan to travel this weekend as prices stay on a down trend, but hope to keep their Labor Day plans in one area to save some money.