Georgia Tech Issues Technology Report for Lowndes County

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The results are in; Georgia Tech has told Lowndes County what they need to improve to bolster their economy. Possibly the biggest issue found in the report is a lack of on the job training and poor a work ethic among new employees right out of college.

VSU students recognize the problem themselves.

"I do feel like we need to develop a work ethic issue into the curriculum at VSU," says Brett McLemore.

The road map's solution calls for a strengthening in the co-op program at VSU. The report says only three percent of VSU students take advantage of the program, compared to about 30 percent at Georgia Tech.

VSU vice president of student affairs Kurt Keppler explained why.

"The problem is do they have the flexibility in their schedule, the time to devote to virtually full-time employment?"

Local business leaders say their doors are open.

"We can actually train that student in a specific area that they don't normally get in the educational system at VSU or the local colleges."

The plan gives local businesses information on how to attract college level employees. It shows available programs that customize education for workers that are in high demand and short supply.

The technology road map was provided to Lowndes County free of charge.