DCF Computer Program Hits Snag

After a decade of development, homesafenet was scheduled to go online statewide, but the bugs are still being worked out.

Ten years and $130 million later, Florida's homesafenet child welfare computer system suffers yet another delay. Homesafenet's child safety risk assessment was finally supposed to be up and running in all 67 counties last week, but a computer glitch slowed the problem-plagued system to a crawl.

Dominic Calabro with Government Watchdog Agency Taxwatch says the homesafenet nightmare is one example where hiring a private company to do the job probably would have made a lot more sense.

Jerry Regier promised to make getting homesafenet functional and user-friendly a priority when he took the reins at DCF last year, but with news of more problems, rep. Curtis Richardson says lawmakers are losing patience.

People on the front lines say the safety of kids in the system depends on it. The department of children and families says the problems that had slowed down the homesafenet system last week have been worked out, but it will still be a couple of additional weeks before the system is running at its optimum level.