TCC's Law Honored as Community Leader

Tallahassee Community College's president is getting some recognition. Dr. Bill Law is being honored in Havana for his role as a mentor to kids.

Community leaders in Gadsden County came to Havana Middle School's auditorium to recognize law and others for their contributions to the community.

Pastor Stanley Sims says law and others have been a critical component in the development of his program, but law says his goal is to emphasize the importance of being part of the community.

"We're going to make a partnership with the community based organization with organization that are closet to the people and we hope to make them successful and the people they serve see us as part of their lives," says Law.

Law assisted the organization in securing a $5,000 grant to help kids in the area. A Shepherd's Hand Resource Center provides educational assistance and other community resources to Havana residents.