War Worries

The fighting may be over, but U.S. soldiers in Iraq have been targeted and killed in recent weeks, 30 dead since the end of combat. As you can imagine, it's still very stressful for
families of the deployed.

Families watch the news and see reports of casualties, sometimes without knowing exactly where their soldiers are. It's nerve-wracking, to say the least.

For a mom like Nancee Suber, even a little news from her son, Shane, is enough to know he's okay.

“He drives a Humvee so he goes all over Baghdad. That worries me every time I hear a Humvee gets shot or blown up or whatever.”

Her son calls every few weeks. Tough to handle when she hears stories about soldiers killed like the one drinking a soda in the shade at Baghdad University.

“The war is over is a myth, not true. I support president Bush, but I don't know why he says that because it's not over when guys are getting blown up every day and shot at.

Renee Brunelle's husband, Travis, is active duty, working with Special Forces. Her brother-in-law, Tyler, is in Baghdad.

“Everybody gung ho when more formal war but now that things somewhat slowed down,
seems like some people are being, I guess, a little less patriotic.”

She and others would like to see a little more visible support for the troops, like the yellow ribbons moms like Nancee still wear.

There's still no set date for the guard troops from the Tallahassee area to come back home. When they do, we may not know until the last minute.