Possible Closure


A budget pinch could force the closure of several VA Medical Centers, like the one in Lake City. If that hospital does make the closure list, it'll mean big changes for vets in 19 counties.

Concerned veterans met Monday morning at the American Legion post in Valdosta to discuss the VA's possible plan to reduce services at the medical clinic in Lake City.

The reduction will eliminate medical beds, the ER, any type of surgeries, the nursing home and much more. The closest facility to provide all that would be in Gainesville, Florida and for some veterans that's too far of a drive.

The proposed changes stem from funding issues, but the vets feel they are entitled to proper medical care for serving their country.

A meeting is scheduled at the lake city VA Medical Clinic Thursday at 8:30 a.m. to discuss the reductions. Since it is not open to the public, local veterans will be demonstrating outside to show their support to maintain the current level of services.