FAMU Inspector General and Assistant Fired

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FAMU Interim Inspector General Michael Brown and his assistant, Joan Hart, are off the job after a report finds the two over stepped their bounds.

"I have been wrongfully fired today for doing my job in accordance with the inspector general’s charter and my professionalism has been attacked," said Brown, Friday.

He says back in June, he received a complaint from a university board of trustee member about the university's finances. He says just as he began requesting records, the university put him on leave and hired a third party to investigate.

That audit expert, Marty Khan of the University of North Florida is now releasing a report saying the university did nothing wrong.

"It does reaffirm what the university, specifically the president was saying all along was that Mr. Brown's report was not justified and that it was completely out of line with traditional audit report procedures," said Brian Lucas, special assistant to FAMU’s president.

According to the report, acting Inspector General Lawrence Tromly, who works in Brown's department, told Khan, Brown should not have "used this office to investigate such a complaint, but rather request assistance from another inspector general."

Attorney Hubert Brown says as an inspector general, Michael Brown was just doing his job. "His duties are to follow up on complaints. That's what an inspector general does and to get a complaint from a trustee, of course you follow up on it," he said.

His partner, Thomas Brown, says the firings were unfair.

"Mr. Brown did not deserve what happened to him today. Mr. Brown was only doing his job."

Brown and Brown’s attorneys say they are not giving up yet. They are now calling on the board of trustees to take control and appoint an independent inspector general.

They say they haven't decided yet whether to sue. They say they still need to go through documents in Brown's office.

Since he has been on leave, he has not been allowed to go to campus or speak to anyone with the university.