Petco Protest

A major pet store chain has moved to the Capital City, but it's receiving an unfriendly welcome by one organization.

Saturday morning, members of the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also known as PETA, protested the opening of the Petco store on Governor's Square Blvd.

PETA accuses the store of animal cruelty and staffing untrained employees.

A spokesperson from the group says Petco needs to change its policies. "They can quit selling animals, that would be the biggest thing, just become a pet supply company," said William Sherman, of the Tallahassee Animal Richts Action.

"All of our Petco stores have an assigned veterinarian. Every time PETA presents us with an allegation with details we can use, we investigate each and every detail," said Steve Dubeck, a Petco representative.

Petco opened its door on Memorial Day and has close to 600 stores across the United States.