Florida Voters Not Showing Interest in Election

By Tim Leljedal
6:15pm, September 1, 2006

You’ve probably never heard of this guy, but John Crotty’s name will actually be on the ballot Tuesday in the Democratic primary for governor. The Orlando attorney got in because he didn’t think enough attention was being paid to issues like Medicaid reform and education.

John Crotty, (D) Florida Governor Candidate, said, "I didn’t enter this race thinking I was moving to Tallahassee. I entered this race in the hopes that I could get other candidates talking about these issues.”

But is anybody listening? Just days from the primary, a sizeable percentage of Floridians say they don’t know enough about anyone, including the major candidates, to have an opinion.

The latest poll numbers show even likely primary voters are having some trouble making up their minds. On the Democratic side, one out of four voters still don’t know who they want to be governor.

Only 12 percent of Republican primary voters are still undecided, but one out of five admits they might still change their mind. Florida State University political science professor Steve MacNamara says he’ll be surprised if these voters even show up.

"They always have that big block of undecided. I think this close to the election they’ve decided not to participate."

That probably just means most votes go to the front runners, and candidates like Crotty go back to their day jobs.