Website Scans for Plagiarism

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Deborah Shepard uses TurnItIn.Com when grading her English students. It's an online source that checks work for plagiarism.

"It's so easy for students to be tempted to use the old cut and paste method of putting together information," said Deborah Shepard.

Universities have been using similar sources for some time. Now more high schools like Lincoln are bringing this tool into their classrooms.

Whitney Moore is a senior at Lincoln and said, "College plagiarism is taken more seriously and high schoolers don't always understand, so this is one more step getting us prepared for college."

Students like Whitney say they were nervous at first using this program.

"Probably the students think about is a gotcha sometimes, but I think teachers try and be real careful and approach it with this is a way to help you know where your paper needs documentation so that you are not going to run into problems of being accused."

The program breaks the paper down using a color code showing where and how much has been copied. This gives students a chance to go back and attribute their work as well as challenge them to write more originally, so therefore you can become a better writer, a goal both teachers and students aim to achieve. has been used for about three years. Teachers say it's less time consuming when trying to find out a student’s sources.