Burglars Strike in Huntington Woods

by Julie Montanaro
September 1, 7:15pm

Helicopters and dogs scoured a north Tallahassee neighborhood this morning after the law interrupts a trio of burglars. Two of the culprits are still on the run, a third is now under arrest.

A young man was in handcuffs off Mission Road, one of three suspected of breaking into a nearby home and scrambling into the street when the law came knocking.

Leon County Sheriff's Office spokesman SGT Chris Chase said, "We were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle, but when deputies arrived on scene there were several subjects seen running from a residence."

Neighbor Kelvin Ellis says his mother watched from her window.

"My mama was in the house and basically saw most of what was going on and she saw a black and a white gentleman running from the cops, so it’s got me pretty nervous."

Crime tape surrounds the house on Duffton Loop. Initially deputies thought the burglars may have stolen guns here, but residents later said not so.

The helicopters, dogs and dozens of cop cars took neighbors like Ceveria Brown by surprise.

"I'm just scared. I don't know what's happening. I thought someone was dead."

The burglars had to abandon their stash by the door when deputies showed up and investigators suspect they bailed out of a white Chevy Tahoe right down the street.

"I just hope they find them," Brown said.

Late Friday afternoon, deputies released the name of the young man under arrest. Nineteen-year-old Javon Farquharson is facing armed burglary and weapons charges.

Deputies are still looking for the other two culprits; one is a white man, the other is Hispanic.