A Closer Look at the Republican Candidates for Florida's CFO

The CFO generally has the most to say about insurance in Florida and the top two republican candidates differ significantly in their views.

There are still thousands of blue tarps adorning Florida roofs and State Representative Randy Johnson has dubbed his race for CFO, The Blue Tarp Tour.

On the House floor, Johnson fought for using money, generated from hurricane related sales taxes, to reduce premiums and to make it easier for homeowners to collect when their contents of their homes are destroyed. He won half the battle.

“Senator Lee had a plan. It's Senate Bill 1980 and I’ll call it the Insurance Company Plan because in my opinion, it was written by insurance companies for insurance companies,” said Johnson.

As Senate President, Tom Lee had to balance competing interests in the Senate. Early on he called the insurance fix “tough medicine”.

“This is gonna’ require a lot of courage,” said Lee.

In the end, Lee called the bill signed by the governor, a step in the right direction. “It represents a balance between our need for system-wide reform and a keen sensitivity to Florida’s consumers.”

Randy Johnson and Tom Lee are considered competent legislators.

Both are knowledgeable about insurance, but in this contest, Lee has one thing Johnson doesn’t: the endorsement of Governor Jeb Bush.