Session on Malpractice

Florida lawmakers are back in town Monday, for a final showdown on the medical malpractice awards issue.

The House and Senate failed to reach an agreement on the issue during this year's two-month long spring session, so for four days, they'll be back in Tallahassee for this year's second special session.

And Gov. Jeb Bush says he'll continue to call lawmakers back until they approve a plan designed to lower costs.

What had lawmakers at a draw in the past was the proposed $250,000 cap on non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering awards.

The House passed the limit but several senate members felt the limit wasn't enough for victims. Under bush's proposal, economic damages, such as compensation for lost wages or medical bills, would remain unlimited.

Some doctors have already left their practice in protest, and some hospitals are threatening to stop certain types of procedures.