Early Voting Wrap

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Time has run out for local Floridians to participate in early voting. Some say voting before election day has many advantages.

Clarke Parker, who voted early, said, "It's more convenient. You don't have the last minute rush. Usually the only time I can vote is on the way to work at seven in the morning. The polls are crowded then. It's just all around better."

David Kuhlmeier, who also voted early, said, "With a lot more working people and with children, day care, and multiple jobs in the family, I think it's a wonderful thing to have that opportunity.

Some voted early because of Labor Day weekend travel plans.

Charlie Mae Franklin said, "If you go ahead and vote then you don't have to worry about what happens if my plane doesn't get back and I can't vote."

The number of those casting their ballots early in Leon County was higher this year than in previous years. In Leon County early voting is up 20 percent, which is greater than the 2004 turnout for a presidential election year.

David Kuhlmeier said, "I think it's a good indication that people, maybe more people are starting to vote, and make sure they vote, and exercising that privilege."

Those who did not exercise their right to vote early can head to the polls on Tuesday September 5. On election day the polls will close at 7 p.m. in Leon County.

After early voting wrapped, the latest results show nearly a 30 percent increase in early voting, with more than 1,000 Leon County voters showing up Saturday.