GPS Helps Catch Car Thief

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A GPS device helped Joe Sharp locate his car after it was stolen.

DEP Ganey says that Sharp used the GPS device from his home computer to track his car and find where the suspect was going. Police say Sharp called them after locating the vehicle, leading them in the right direction to find the suspect.

"The subject was approached and challenged. Instead of giving up he ran, so they chased him behind the house, through the house and behind the field, and he was apprehended," said DEP Ganey.

He also says the assistance from the owner helped in finding the car quickly. The incident proves that GPS does much more than give directions. This piece of technology is helping both police and owners catch car thieves everyday.

"If a possible thief is stealing the car they can also track where the vehicle is every five seconds. It makes it very, very difficult for a thief to steal a car", said Proctor GMC Salesman Kobe Pigott.

GPS not only helps catch the suspects, but it's also a tool that is scaring away car thieves.

"It is a big thing now for a possible thief to think twice whether or not they want to steal the vehicle or not, where they can track it and very easily find where it’s at," said Pigott.

Pigott says just the other day a customer’s car was stolen; the GPS system was used and the car was located just minutes after it was taken.

There are two types of tracking devices, the under carriage and the in car GPS system. The first is bit more expensive, running around $2,500. The more popular and cost friendly is the OnStar GPS, costing around $300.