Publix Donations to the Needy

In between soup kitchens and food bank giveaways, a daily handout can really help people who suffer from hunger every day, so some managers of an area supermarket chain are donating all they can.

In between soup kitchens and food banks, hungry people need something else to hold them over, so the Publix in Thomasville donates goods they can no longer sell.

Donny Gray is going grocery shopping, and the only things on his list were freshly baked yesterday.

"Cakes, a variety of sweets, breads, all kinds of good old-fashioned cookies like my grandma used to make," says Donny.

According to the Thomasville Publix, store policy says day-old goods cannot be sold, so each morning the Salvation Army comes and collects. There is no limit on how
Much a person can take, and people come in and pick up goods for all different causes.

"I go to St. Thomas Episcopal Church, where we use them for Sunday morning breakfast at 9:00," says James Bibb.
Salvation army directors say the early bird takes the cake. By the end of each day, the hallway they reserve for the bread, cakes, pies and cookies is empty, but do not worry, tomorrow's batch may already be cooling on the Publix oven racks.Volunteers at the Salvation Army in Thomasville make a stop at Publix every morning around 9 a.m. Not every Publix gives away their baked goods; it depends on the manager's policies.