Bacteria Infested Beaches

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Labor Day weekend is a time when many people look forward to spending time on the beach, enjoying the last days of summer fun, but some residents were shocked to find out health officials are urging swimmers not to get into the water because of high bacteria levels in some local beaches.

Toshia Preston, visiting Shell Point, said, "I'm not that worried about myself, but I am worried about my children. I am worried that the bacteria might cause them to be ill. That is my main concern."

High bacteria levels are the reason for advisories issued in several beaches including Shell Point and Mashes Island in Wakulla County. Hagens Cove, Dekle, Keaton and Cedar Beaches in Taylor County, and in Dixie County, Shired Island is also facing water troubles.

The recent advisory could be the reason that these beaches are so bare in Shell Point on this Labor Day weekend.

Rosa Whitley made the trip from Georgia, hoping to spend a nice day at Shell Point with her family.

"It's just disappointing that we have to pack up and go back home now. The water stinks, and plus it's burning our legs, so it's very disappointing."

Toshia Preston was also disappointed. She says she didn't know about the advisory.

"We drove from Tallahassee and I wouldn't have anyway of knowing unless it was posted like it should be."

While it appears signs may not be posted at Shell Point, health officials are still warning swimmers to beware. Officials are especially warning those who have poor immune systems and open sores not to go in the water.