Murder in Boston

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All is quiet in the Boston, Georgia neighborhood, but the crime scene tape remains, a reminder of a murder that will forever change the life of a Georgia family.

Around 6 p.m. Saturday evening, authorities respond to a homicide at 548 Oakridge Avenue. When officers arrived on scene they found 74-year-old Lacy Davis dead from stab wounds, along with his son, William Davis, who is now the prime suspect. Neighbors are in shock.

Neighbor and friend Eddie Booker said, "I've known him for a very long time. He was the best man I knew, he wouldn't hurt a soul. I tell you, that's a shame for someone to take someone's life like that."

Police say William Davis, who made the emergency call, is the man who took his father's life and was arrested on scene. Those who knew the family say Lacy Davis will be greatly missed.

Neighbor and friend Xylphilia Grant said, "It was unbelievable. I was like, what's going on? They wouldn't let me in my yard, so it's just shocking to me, it really hurt me. He was like a daddy to me, like a granddaddy to my daughter."

At this time William Davis is being held at the Thomas County Jail, charged with murder. Police officers say an autopsy will be scheduled this week to determine the exact cause of death. It's not yet known what sparked the argument between father and son, and police have not released the details of what led up to the deadly scene.