Amber Alert

A motel desk clerk more than 100 miles away is the one who spotted a missing Lake City girl, and realized she was the same one featured in the Amber Alert on TV.

That Amber Alert went out Monday afternoon. It's the first one broadcast in our area since the system was set up. Less than 24 hours later, a motel clerk in Waycross, Georgia called 9-1-1.

"She recognized the pictures and took down the tag number, went out and verified that that was their vehicle and called 9-1-1 locally," says Donna Hodges, FDLE Missing Children’s Clearinghouse.

These are the phones that ring when tips come in. So far in Florida, there have been 48 Amber Alerts issued. The alert for Katelyn Greer is the ninth one that has been directly responsible for a child's recovery.

"As soon as it's decided that an amber alert is going to go out, we try to get it out, it's important that we get it out immediately so the public can become the eyes and ears of that missing child."

The motel clerk who called police she says she saw the Amber Alert on a station out of Jacksonville and recognized the Greer's name when she was making the housekeeping schedule for the day.

Mary Bennett says she was glad to help and says she is living proof that Amber Alerts work.