Tuition Freeze at TCC

As we've reported, colleges and universities across the sunshine state are approving tuition hikes. However, one local school has voted to freeze the cost of classes, at least for now.

While FSU and FAMU are looking at an 8 1/2 percent tuition increase, Tallahassee Community College's Board of Trustees has decided to not increase tuition this fall.

Board members say freezing the cost of college has been an ongoing goal, but the honeymoon will soon be over. Starting spring, tuition will go up six percent.

“In these tough times, there's no chance not to increase, but we're pleased students can plan for more work thru details or some other things,” says TCC President, Dr. Bill law.

Law says he realizes many community college students are strapped for cash.

TCC student Kelly Stokes-Tompkins says every dollar counts. Dr. Law believes TCC will most likely be the only community college in Florida to not raise tuition this fall.