Hulk's Gamma Ray Machine Has FSU Ties

Many of you have probably seen the bigger than life movie, "The Hulk," but few of you probably knew the blockbuster has ties to Florida State University.

In 1988, a group of scientists including FSU nuclear physicist Mark Riley had a vision. A few years later, the GammaSphere was built and housed at a laboratory in California. It’s apparently visually powerful as well.

Ang Lee, director of "The Hulk," decided to make an exact replica of the GammaSphere for the movie. Now the actual GS doesn't actually turn people angry or green. There's a miniature model at FSU.

Its real use helps us in many ways from cancer treatments to scanning luggage. FSU physics professor Ingo Veedenhurfer moved to the U.S. to monitor the GammaSphere. He says the movie's replica was true to form.