TMH Layoffs

Nearly 200 hospital employees at TMH were given their walking papers as part of a cost reduction plan. Over the past 12 months, TMH has implemented a series of cost reductions, including cutting back on its ambulance service. Now, those cutbacks are cutting into the workforce.

In September of last year, TMH announced it was cutting back on services by discontinuing their ambulance and life flight service, a measure they said would save them $1.6 million a year, but apparently that wasn't a enough to keep the hospital out of the red.

By the time the sun sets on this otherwise picture perfect day, 191 people will be out of a job. Tallahassee memorial hospital is cutting back on costs by cutting back on employees.

"Been working on since March with managers looking over productivity within units and within last week names have been added to that, specific names not positions," says Ron Brafford, Senior Vice President, TMH.

The cuts came as a surprise for many employees who came to work not knowing it was their last day on the payroll at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

The last time TMH laid off people was in 1985 when nearly ten percent of their workforce was given a pink

"More people than we've had patients, so we've adjusted did the same in 1985 so hopefully it will be another 20 to 25 years before do it again," Brafford says.

The cuts were made across the board in all fields and positions, but the eliminations don't strike fear in these FSU nursing students.

"As a whole doesn't concern often cuts anywhere you look at can't to look at not worried about finding a job," says Michelle Franks, and FSU nursing student.

Luckily for these future caregivers, the nursing department wasn't hit that hard by the blow. The fewest number of positions affected were RN's. Hospital administrators estimate the cuts in labor costs will save the hospital $6 million.

Hospital officials say if the census shows the patient volume is increasing, then they will hire more people, or it could go the other way if the census continues to drops then more cut backs could be in store.