Primary Election Results for Leon County, Tallahassee

Decision 2006

Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho says the goal was to reach 40-percent in Leon County and so far turnout is at 34 percent.
Some volunteers say the rain slowed things down, but those that turned out say the voting process has been quick and easy.
Most voters saying that the new identification law is necessary.
"I'm really for that," says Leon County voter Claire Ward. "Everybody's picture should be on a card so that the person signing you in can see it."
One change that hasn't caught on this election is the touch screen voting.
Sancho says less than one percent of voters chose to use the new machines.
Some voters say they didn't know it was an option and others say they don't trust computers.
Now we turn to the Leon County races.
Leon County will have a new school superintendent.
Bill Montford resigned earlier this year to take a state job and interim superintendent Jim Croteau is not running.
Two folks on the Democratic ballot.
With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Jackie Pons with 60 percent and Iris Wilson with 40 percent.
So Pons now heads to November where two candidates await. They are Patricia Sunday and Rosemary Palmer.
The at large group 2 seat on the Leon County Commission is also on the ballot with incumbent Cliff Thaell facing challenger John Griffin.
With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Thaell with 61 percent and Griffin with 39 percent.
Thaell will keep his seat on the commission.
Incumbent district one commissioner Bill Proctor trying to keep his seat on the Leon County Commission.
He faces two challengers.
With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Ramon Alexander with 31 percent.
Weser Khufu with 12 percent and Proctor with 58 percent.
So Proctor keeps his seat.
There will be a new commissioner for district three in Leon County. Incumbent Dan Winchester is not seeking re-election. Three men want to take his place.
With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, John Paul Bailey with 26 percent.
John Dailey 59 percent and Chip Sellers with 15 percent.
So Dailey is your new commissioner.
The District 4 seat was not supposed to be up for re-election until 2008, but Commissioner Tony Grippa resigned early and so the seat is up for grabs now.
Three men want to succeed Grippa.
With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Bo Bludworth with 13 percent, Bryan Desloge with 45 percent of the vote and Will Messer with 43 percent of the vote.
So Desloge and Messer are headed to a runoff in November.
In the Leon County Commission District 5 race incumbent Bob Rackleff is facing four challengers for the seat.
With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Anthony Davis with 7 percent of the vote, Patrick Detscher with 10 percent, Frank Mayernick with 27 percent, Rackleff with 45 percent and Dot Spence with 12 percent.
Rackleff and Mayernick will be squaring off for the seat in November.
Tallahassee's Mayor John Marks wants another term as the city's top elected official.
He faces two challengers.
With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Larry Hendricks with 9 percent, Marks with 78 percent and Kim O'connor with 14 percent.
So Mayor Marks keeps the top city job.
The race for seat 3 on the Tallahassee City Commission pits incumbent Debbie Lightsey against two challengers.
With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Brian Armstrong has 24 percent of the vote. Lightsey with 48 percent and Anthony Viegbesie has 28 percent.
Lightsey and "Dr. V" will face off in a run off in November.
And for Seat 5 on the Tallahassee Commission, incumbent Allan Katz facing challenger James Moran in the nonpartisan contest.
With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Katz has 72 percent of the vote and James Moran with 28 percent of the vote.
So Katz keeps his seat.
There was confusion at the Leon County Courthouse where the county was displaying the results of Tuesday night's races.
The Supervisor of Elections Office says it was using a new computer program to display the results as the precincts started reporting after seven when the polls closed, but as those numbers started coming down it was unclear how many precincts were reporting, the display only showing the percentages of the votes going to each candidate and how many voters cast their ballots.
Staff tweaked the system throughout the night making it easier to understand.
"If we knew which precincts were in and how many were reporting, it would be easier to get a handle on where candidates are," says Leon County voter Michelle Ubben. "but it's very unclear right now."
Leon County elections staff say they will take feed back from Tuesday night and make sure the displays are much more viewer friendly in time for the November general election.
Another issue Tuesday night, the county server was so overloaded that it crashed several times and that is why if you were trying to log on to the internet to get results from the county supervisor of elections web page, it didn't turn up.
That is another issue the Supervisor of Elections Office says it will work out to make sure it does not happen again.
Overall though, the Leon County Elections Office says there were few problems to report and that Tuesday night's races went very smoothly.