Preventing Illegal Dumping Is a Phone Call Away

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Off Capital Circle and Crawfordville Highway, on the border of Leon and Wakulla counties, are a few quiet roads. They’re not very pretty though because they're scattered with litter.

Many residents drop their trash and unwanted items illegally.

"We see a lot of people moving stuff, taking trash and dumping stuff," SAID Derrick Young who works nearby.

Florida environmentalists are encouraging eyewitnesses to take action.

"Part of it is just keeping the roadways clean and looking good for people who live here, but also when trash gets dropped along the side of the road, the bags break and there may be oil, paint, toxic stuff that gets in the environment, so it’s just good to keep it off the roadways," said Dick Mariscal.

Under a program with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Cingular, Sprint and Nextel users can dial *DEP to report illegal dumping.

"Depending on what happens to be dumped, we want to make sure there are no impact to the groundwater or the soil because particularly in Tallahassee, Leon, and Wakulla area, a lot of the groundwater can run off into Wakulla Springs and a lot of our nice areas that we want to protect," said DEP Spokeswoman Sarah Williams.

Environmental violations range from littering to dumping hazardous waste. Polluters caught could end up behind bars.