DARE Officer, First Day

By Kate Gaier
4:45 pm September 6, 2006

Wednesday was day one at Harper Elementary where fifth graders got introduced to the DARE program.

If the proper funding is not provided, then the children will no longer have an officer in their class teaching them about drug abuse, a class many of them say they already love.

Deja Hadley, a 5th grader at Harper, said, "I think it was wonderful because we learned that you’re not supposed to take drugs because they're very bad for our system."

Denzel Cromartie, another 5th grader, added, "I think that's great to do because some children need to get to know police officers because they come to help us not harm us."

This is the second year for the DARE program at Harper Elementary. A vote will be held September 12 at a regular county meeting to discuss funding for the DARE officer.