Whole Child Project Hits the Internet

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The Whole Child Project will become a one stop shop for families to find medical, dental and education services by logging onto the Internet. The effort hoping to give kids the best start in life.

"To be sure that the most vulnerable in our community, ages 0-5 have the best start they can have so they can go on and become successful in school and productive members for our community," said Ann Davis, Capital Area Healthy Start Coalition Director.

The website breaks down the challenges and opportunities affecting families, including a variety of partnerships, activities for children, and developing a safe environment.

"Anytime a mom of family needs help there is not a wrong door, they go to one place and sit down and are able to get all there questions answered and hopefully the assistance they need and the information they need", said Loranne Ausley, Representative of District 9, Tallahassee.

The project hits the web next Wednesday.