Longtime Commissioner Loses Seat

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It's the talk of the town. Longtime Commissioner Jimmy Mosconis didn't win Tuesday night's primary, didn't even come in second place.

The man who served this county since the Reagan administration will be replaced. Still, many citizens have fond memories of Mosconis.

Dolores Roux, a lifetime Apalachee resident, said, "He was born here. I remember him as a little boy all through school. He was a Vietnam War vet. He's trying to do the Veteran's Park with the three service men statue, which is going to be one great thing for this whole town."

Don't expect Mosconis to show a whole lot of disappointment. He says he's ready for a change.

Jimmy Mosconis said, "I don't have any real bad feelings about losing. Twenty four years, it's probably a good sign for me to get out and do some other things, quit worrying about this county business so much."

Some in the county say he didn't even qualify for the job until the very last minute. The day after the election Mosconis was back in his favorite spot for lunch, ready to retire from his seat. Mosconis says he's never been a tax and spend commissioner, and it's getting hard to tow the line.

"I probably made some people mad because of it, but running or election time or not I'm still not going to change my philosophy."

And some say his restraint may have put off a few officials in the budgeting process.