Katherine Harris Still an Outsider

Katherine Harris was alone election night. No big name brass at her side. Harris has been virtually abandoned by the GOP leadership. The governor openly courted others to jump into the race and on multiple occasions has made no secret of his lack of faith in Harris.

“I’ve got concerns,” Gov. Bush said.

Fellow Republican cast-off Nancy Argenziano says the way Harris has been treated is shameful.

Sen. Nancy Argenziano, (R) Crystal River, FL, said, “She’s a Republican who's worked hard for the Republican Party and I think, quite frankly, got treated shabbily.”

Now Democrats are piling on. State party chairman Karen Thurman says Harris’ treatment by her own party has been disgraceful.

Karen Thurman, FL Democratic Party Chairman, said, “They have made her a very weak candidate.”

At first blush the state Republican Party is bubbly about Harris’ chances, but Harris’ primary rival’s information is in the GOP lobby, not hers, and it’s clear the party isn’t matching their words with money.

Carole Jean Jordan, State GOP Chairman, said, “Your U.S. Senate races are run by the Republican, as you well know, the Republican Senatorial Committee out of Washington.”

Gov. Jeb Bush plans a unity rally with Charlie Crist and other GOP hopefuls on Thursday. Harris hasn’t been invited, so for Harris the road to November looks to be very lonely.