Crist, Davis Gear Up for November Elections

In the governor's race, it will be Democrat Jim Davis versus Republican Charlie Crist.

Crist will be campaigning hard to carry on Jeb Bush’s legacy. Davis will do the exact opposite by focusing on what he says is a new direction for Florida.

Congressman Jim Davis says he plans to make insurance reform and changes to the FCAT his big campaign issues in his bid to be Florida’s next governor. Democrats think many voters believe current leaders haven’t done enough to solve the state’s insurance crisis, and as far as the FCAT goes, state party chair Karen Thurman says Jim Davis’ team is pledging to end eight years of using the test to dole out rewards and punishments to school districts.

"They want to use it as a diagnostic tool and not a grade of a school failing."

But Jeb Bush has some of highest approval ratings of any governor in the country right now, and Republicans are banking on the assumption that a majority of voters want to keep his policies in place.

State Republican Party leader Carole Jean Jordan says Jeb Bush is already planning a fly around with Charlie Crist this week, and the message from the Crist camp will be clear.

"What you’re going to really see is the continuation of the leadership under the policies set forth by Jeb Bush."

The big question is whether that’s what voters want, and it’ll probably go down to the wire.

The race is likely to be much closer this November than it was in 2004. Neither Charlie Crist nor Jim Davis has named a running mate yet.