County Manager Resigns

Taylor County commissioners are still in disbelief as they learn of a fellow workers resignation. County manager Ed Harvey has resigned from office after a short 18-month tenure. The announcement comes as the county struggles to fill six other vacancies.

Shock and disbelief is the feeling shared between five Taylor County commissioners. Word has spread the county's go-to man is going away. County manager Ed Harvey has announced his resignation, a decision made final during this week's board meeting.

“I will work diligently to the last hour of my last day, and then I will go on my way,” says Ed Harvey.

Adding one more job opening to a long list of vacancies.

In just a few years the county lost seven valuable employees which haven't been replaced. Topping the list is a fire chief, library director, social services director and a housing employee.

The county's also searching for an executive secretary, emergency management specialist and now a county manager.

Some residents believe the workload and pressure far outweighed the benefits. They think that's what drove Harvey and the others away. Some commissioners agree, but Harvey doesn't complain of the work. He says he'll leave without hard feelings.

A Town Hall meeting is scheduled for Thursday night at 6 p.m. in the county commission chambers. Commissioners will be asking for public input on Taylor County's operations.