Foster Mom Out on Bond

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Roxanna Haynes
6:40 September 7, 2006

Dye is out on $10,000 bond. She says what happened last week is a tragic accident.

She is being charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct for the death of her foster child.

Dye says she thought she left the baby, Dujuan Ramsey, at his day care, but instead left him in her car for more than eight hours while she went to work. She says it's a mistake that will haunt her forever.

"It was a tragic accident. I loved Dujaun just like he was my own. He was my baby and he was one of my family and I loved him, and it was just a tragic accident and something I'm gonna have to live with for the rest of my life because it's a part of me that's missing."

Dujan's funeral was held Thursday. Dye, along with the boy's biological mother, were both able to attend.

This foster mother was caring for other children as well. Dye was also caring for two other children, Dujan's siblings in fact.

They are both now in the care of the state, but Dye said that she loves them very much and will do her best to get them back.