Floridians Fed Up with Insurance Crisis, Descend on Capitol

Leona Delmonaco came all the way from south Florida to the capitol to blast lawmakers for not doing enough to ease her insurance pain. She works for her local sheriff’s office, and doesn’t know how she’s going to afford her new insurance bill.

She says, "This tripled. I pay approximately 150 a month. Now I’m going to have to pay $500 dollars a month for my homeowners insurance."

State Senator Skip Campbell invited Delmonaco to a news conference chastising republican leaders for not moving fast enough to solve the problem.

The democratic candidate for attorney general denies he’s just trying to push his own political agenda, adding he and other lawmakers are getting buried in angry letters from home and business owners who say they may be forced to leave the state.

However, Florida’s political leaders say they haven’t been asleep at the switch.

Currently, the governor’s Insurance Reform Committee is meeting to try to come up with long-term solutions.

Lieutenant Governor Toni Jennings is head of the committee and says everyone wishes they could wave a magic wand to bring rates down. "If I could, believe me I would, and so would the governor, because that’s why we’re here. He knows people are hurting. He knows increased premiums have hit not just homeowners, but businesses across the state of Florida."

However, don’t look for solutions before election time. The committee’s first report isn’t due until the second week of November.

Some of the suggested reforms being considered by the governor’s committee: standardized insurance forms that can be easily understood no matter which insurance company you use, and standard discounts to homeowners who make improvements to strengthen their homes against hurricanes.