Sancho Blasts the State for Election Night Woes

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The Florida Secretary of State's Office has received unofficial vote tallies from Tuesday's Primary, and at 37 percent voter turnout, Leon County is ahead of every other urban county, sticking with tradition.

Three Leon County Commission races exceeded the county's overall turnout with District 3 at 41 percent, District 4 at 46 percent and District 5 at 43 percent. Still, Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho is criticizing the state for certifying a software program for a so-called "blended system" of optical scan machines and touch screens. He says supervisors across the state discovered on election night that the software doesn't blend the results, calling it a complete failure.

"It is unfair and misleading to the citizens to have a software package that tells you 100 percent of the votes are in, when in fact as few as one percent could come in."

The mixup created confusion Tuesday night in Leon County as campaigners and candidates waited for results to come down. Sancho says counties need to go back to the vendor and demand a system that produces accurate results, as he says he will.