Enough to Stop a Bus!

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FAMU and FSU architecture students competed with area businesses for a shot at designing StarMetro's latest bus stop. The cost of construction had to be less than $10,000, $2,000less than it would've cost to buy a bus stop from an outside company.

Eleven groups pulled it off, but only one is taking home first prize.

Elizabeth Smallwood, Avery Goodman and Emily Perkins are not only the first prize winners, but also won best in design.

LaToya Graham was one of the FSU student judges and said, "When I was judging them I thought about, does it give enough protection against the rain and sun, was it adequate space for a large number of people that will be at the bus stop."

The winning group apparently met the criteria. Their design will go from poster board to construction very soon, along with the other finalists.

StarMetro says the one that proves most effective will be reproduced in multiple locations around town.