Lincoln High Students Use Electronic Planners to Prepare for College

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Lincoln High School students are stepping forward towards their college education. Students no longer have to wait for report cards to check their progress in the classroom.

"In the past they looked at their report cards and thought, ok, am I okay with everything. They may be prepared for graduation, but not as prepared as they could have been for college," said Teri Gimbel, Director of Guidance at Lincoln High School.

Students like Jessica Brill are more prepared for college with the help of the electronic personal planner to prepare.

"It boosts my confidence of where I can go, what my capabilities are, how flexible I can be and what I do at school, and it definitely prepares me more," said Jessica Brill, a senior at Lincoln High School.

The EPEP allows students to check their GPAs, scholarship requirements and make a plan of what courses they will need.

"Once you look at this you can see how college is going to be and what kind of scores you are going to need to actually get into your university."

Lincoln High School was used as a pilot for the planner, and just a year later it’s proving successful being recognized for its use.

"It's nice to get a pat on the back for all the hard work you have done because it took a lot of teamwork and man power to take 82 percent of our kids and get them to online do the EPEP," said Gimbel.

She also says the EPEP limits uncertainties and allows students to personally take control of their futures.