911 Dispatch Meeting

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There’s been another step forward for Leon County and Tallahassee's joint dispatch system. The Public Safety Communications Board met Friday afternoon to select at least two consultants to come up with presentations on how the 9-1-1 merger should occur.

Members say it's an important step, breaking down the best way for the city's fire and police dispatch and county's EMS and sheriff's dispatch to come together under one roof.

Parwez Alam, Chairman of the PSCB and Leon County Administrator, said of the board's progress during the last several months, "We have dealt with the 800 MHz issue, analog versus digital, we're moving with on with that. The sheriff and the police chief have signed a mutual aid agreement; we have an inter-local agreement between the three parties, the city, the county and the sheriff."

The board is also asking city and county staff to start searching for potential sites for the merged 911 center. PSCB members say they don't expect a truly merged 9-1-1 dispatch center for at least another two years.