Parent Participation in Gadsden Schools

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For the first time in six years, the Gadsden County School District received passing grades on this year's FCAT.

The superintendent is hoping to get more parents involved in their children's academic careers and has sent his troops to several areas to meet with parents.

A swarm of more than 20 volunteers from the Gadsden County School District is buzzing in a Quincy neighborhood, spreading the word of more parental involvement.

Latrenda Goldwire says, “We hope awareness in the community will bring parents to just want to get more involved in their child's education at home, because charity starts at home and spreads abroad. So, we're just hoping this will be a start for Gadsden County.”

So far, the message is not falling on deaf ears.

Verdine Mitchell, a concerned parent, says, "They need to reach the parents. Some of the parents don't respond; they don't go to PTA meeting or nothing; they [would] rather grandparents go.”

Volunteers are going door to door leaving flyers to get more parents involved in their children's education.

Vista volunteers hope by meeting people in the community that more parents will help their kids make academic strides, while reducing behavioral problems in the school district.

Vista volunteers will be meeting with parents throughout the entire county, encouraging them to attend meetings and talk to teachers about their children's academic progress.