Driver's Education Cuts

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Thomasville High School junior, Jennifer Christie, just got her license. She says with so many responsibilities ahead, she is glad to be taking Driver's Education.

"The program helps you with your insurance when you get your license and it is just really beneficial," says Jennifer Christie, a Driver’s Ed student.

Jennifer is lucky; a two percent cut in state-funded programs in schools throughout the state has indirectly caused many districts to do away with Driver's Ed, but Thomasville
High has been internally funding the program for more than three years.

"Years ago the state did not offer funding for driver's education and we had to offer it after school," says Tom McCall, assistant principal.

Since then, students at Thomasville High pay $100 to take Driver's Education, a fee that many teens across the state now have to work into their budgets, or they may not have the
Program at all.

"For me it really was not a problem, but for people that can not afford the $100, it is kind of unfair," says Bette Ford, a driver’s Ed student.

Thomasville administrators say dropping the program in this district is out of the question. They are glad it is not a problem they have to face now.

School officials here in Thomasville say during state regulations changes about four years ago they did drop Driver's Ed, but they got a very negative reaction from students and parents.